what is basic difference between script&smart forms?

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what is basic difference between script&smart forms?..

Answer / apoorv sharma

Sap script are client dependent while samrtforms are client

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what is basic difference between script&smart forms?..

Answer / kerri

Scripts are client dependent, why because scripts will store in tables. Tables are client independent where as data in the tables is client depemdent.
Smartforms are client independent, why because smartform will be in the form of a FunctionMadule, obviously FM are client independent.
Scripts are language dependent. If we want to make our scripts language independent we need to use text elements.
In smartforms we can say option called translate into all languages.
We can not put colors and water marks in scripts.
We can make our smartform more colorfull.

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what is basic difference between script&smart forms?..

Answer / vt

Smart Forms are client independent and SAP Scripts are client dependent.
Multiple page formats are possible in Smart Forms which is not the case in SAP Scripts.
It is possible to have a Smart Form without a main window where as you create a SAP Script without a main window.
Smart Forms generates a function module when activated, which is not the case with SAP Scripts.
SAP Scripts require a driver program to display the output whereas in Smart Forms the form routines can be written so that it is standalone.
An integrated Form Builder helps to design Smart Forms more easily than SAP Scripts.
A Table Painter and Smart Styles to assist in building up the Smart Forms which is not available in SAP Scripts.
Smart Forms generates XML output which can be viewed through the web.

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what is basic difference between script&smart forms?..

Answer / neelesh

sap script are word prossing tool were as smart forms are
grafical design tool we can add colors to smartforms were as
in scripts we cannot.drag and drop option is available in
smart forms

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