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Essar Interview Questions
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Hi, I am an MBA with 2.8yrs of experience into HR and very much interested to get into the career of ERP i.e Oracle Apps HRMS...Pls let me know if any openings for freshers in OracleApps HRMS. Regards, Preeti.

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what are all the new civil construction materials?what are the new concepts ?

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reliance :ahmedabad 1 Apr 2007 quections(electrical)

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How do you determine or evaluate success?

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why should we take you?

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i want all question & answers of the written exam

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Whats the diference between Induction motor and servo motor

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what is mean by derating factor?

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why for transformer protection we protect tranformer from 3rd hormonics and 5th hormonics and what is the reason of generating these horminics in electrical system?

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In step down transformer (415/200V),mistakenly secondary side is connected to 415V for some hours, what would be result of this condition?

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What are the difference between C-Curve and D-Curve for MCB's.

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what is the difference between earthed and unearthed cable?

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What is GD2(kg-m2) for Sq. cage ind. motor?

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As all us know that the capacitor panel is connected to improve the power factor when it is PF is low. whether we can connect the capacitor panel on D.G. side(? If it is yes means why?

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why making capacity is more than breaking capacity?

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Essar Interview Questions

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