Project Management Interview Questions
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What is your management Style

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What are the skills required to be a project manager? Followup question, Rate yourself in each of the skill with examples.

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Suppose you did all your work in a 32 bit system, the production server is 64 bit system, you find that during UAT, the system fails and is not working, how will u communicate to your customer, what solution will you provide to the client?


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What will you do, if your subordinate has a problem with you? How will you deal with this situation


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What is "Readjustig goal and Milestone" in project managment and project planing


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product development vs IT services

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How a project is made and deliverd to client? please put all detailed steps internally?


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What do you mean by business object,condition object and costomising object?

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how to handle project single handed?and what are the roles and responsibilities of a project leader?


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what kind of questions can be asked from SDLC for a project leader role?

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what is a project management?

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HI everyone, I am commerce graduate, completed MBA Finance in Distinction. I would like to do FI/CO. Could any one of you please suggest, which is the best instistute for FI/CO training in Hyderabad. Compulearn, Reliance, or other. Thanks in advance Rupa Gupta

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Waht is the level of criticallity in Project management for a Project which is started in maintenance Phase ? Which phase of Project management theory must be more focused for such kind of projects .

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What is eXtreme methodolgy ?

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what do u mean by an interview? no explanations but define.


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The Project Management Knowledge Areas: A. Include Initiation, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing B. Consist of nine different areas that bring together processes that have things in common C. Consist of five different processes that bring together phases of projects that have things in common D. Include Planning, Executing, and Controlling processes as these three processes are commonly interlinked