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Proteans Interview Questions
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Have you heard about browser compatiblity? What is the latest version of Ie,Mozilla and Netscape?

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product development vs IT services

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Differnce between Control an View State

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There is a login page that has two text boxes with required field validators on it. The page has a login and cancel button. How can we ensure that the click on the cancel button doesnt fire a validation event.

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How to ensure the credentials for WebService using Windows authentication

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What is Virtual path in ASP.Net

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Trace the O/p for a program on inheritance and Polymorphism. 3 classes A,B,C A with two methods public virtual SomeMethodA public virtual SomemoreMethodA B:A overide SomeMethodA C:B new Method SomeMethodA override SomeMoreMethodA main method { b new instance of B b.SomeMethodA b.SomeMoreMethodA b1 new instance of C b1.SomeMethodA b1.SomeMoreMethodA }

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In a page there is dropdown list with the name of the cities like Bangalore,Pune,Chennai,Other and a text box that would enable the user to enter the name of the city if other is selected. How to enable validation on the text box if other is selected

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what is a project management?

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What are the versions of garbage collection?


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please someone tell me what is function of vibration sencer and how many types and how to control viberation.please. my id is


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Can any one give information on "Content Disposition" in TEST COMPLETE automation tool? mail me to call me to 09849423932


2)In production what is the user exit?


1. what is responsibility of inword & forward agent ? 2. how to control cash expenses give five step ? 3. what is Vat 3. how many type of depreciation


what should be the recommendation of taxation in private company?


How long will that capital last? - Venture Capitalists


Proteans Interview Questions
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