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Proteans Interview Questions
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Have you heard about browser compatiblity? What is the latest version of Ie,Mozilla and Netscape?

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product development vs IT services

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Differnce between Control an View State

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There is a login page that has two text boxes with required field validators on it. The page has a login and cancel button. How can we ensure that the click on the cancel button doesnt fire a validation event.

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How to ensure the credentials for WebService using Windows authentication

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What is Virtual path in ASP.Net

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Trace the O/p for a program on inheritance and Polymorphism. 3 classes A,B,C A with two methods public virtual SomeMethodA public virtual SomemoreMethodA B:A overide SomeMethodA C:B new Method SomeMethodA override SomeMoreMethodA main method { b new instance of B b.SomeMethodA b.SomeMoreMethodA b1 new instance of C b1.SomeMethodA b1.SomeMoreMethodA }

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In a page there is dropdown list with the name of the cities like Bangalore,Pune,Chennai,Other and a text box that would enable the user to enter the name of the city if other is selected. How to enable validation on the text box if other is selected

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what is a project management?

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What are the versions of garbage collection?


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Proteans Interview Questions
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