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Project Management Interview Questions
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define the zero date in project management

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why is ITIL certification required? what is the use of ITIL foundation certification?

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The Project which is handled by you is in RED, customer has given you 4 weeks to show improvement, still nothing has worked out. The Customer again gives 3 weeks to improve and you do your best to improve, but nothing works out. Now the customer is not at all happy, HOW TO CONVINCE THIS CUSTOMER ???

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Which Company in India is best for Mobile Application Development?

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how many chart of a/cs can assign to company code?

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How do you quantitatively analysis the quality of a project during development?

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You are implementing a sap project. implementation compled and development started and at that time you found that there is major problem with the system .It would take again time and customer is not happy with that ,in that case how do you convince customer?


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Why would someone want to move from Operations to Project managemnet

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what is the use of computer in project management system ?

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How project comes to a software company? what is the role of sales department,marketing department,delivery manager,project manager in a software development? simply,what is project life cycle?


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explain the contents of menubar


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what are function points ,how do you estimate task based on function points?

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you are the project manager of a project , customer is asking for a change in scope and agrees that it will be a CR. But you do not want to take the CR for whatever reason. How will you convince the customer in doing so

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What is your leadership style?

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what do you do after a milestone is completed?

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Un-Answered Questions { Project Management }

You work for a company that writes hilling software programs for the communication industry. You've just been assigned a new project. The customer is located in a distant country that limits the number of foreigners allowed into the country. You identify this risk in your risk management plan. The critical point during the project is installation and setup. You might do which of the following given these circumstances? A. Use a design of experiments technique to develop a contingency plan. B. Develop a cause-and-effect diagram that identifies the contract type you should use for a project like this. C. Use sensitivity analysis to assist you in developing the appropriate risk response for this situation. D. Develop a contingency plan for installation.


You are a fabulous project manager, and your team thinks highly of you. You are well respected by the stakeholders, management ream, and project team. When you make decisions, others follow your lead as a result of which of the following? A. Referent power B. Expert power C. Legitimate power D. Punishment power


You have been assigned to a project that will allow job seekers to fill out applications and submit them via the company website. You report to the VP of human resources. You are also responsible for screening applications for the information technology division and setting up interviews. The project coordinator has asked for the latest version of your changes to the online application page for his review. Which organizational structure do you work in? A. Functional organization B. Weak matrix organization C. Projectized organization D. Balanced matrix organization


When a project is being performed under contract, the product description is provided by which of the following? A. The buyer B. The project sponsor C. The project manager D. The contractor


The project manager, stakeholders, and project team members all have roles and responsibilities throughout the project. As the project manager, you might link the project scope definition to the project roles and indicate which activities each person will participate in. You might display this information in which of the following ways: A. PDM B. RAM C. SOW D. RRM


Which of the following is true regarding the critical path? A. It should never be compressed. B. It allows for looping and branching. C. The critical path technique is the same as PERT. D. It's the duration of all tasks with zero float.


What are the five project management process groups, in order? A. Initiation, Executing, Planning, Controlling, and Closing B. Initiation, Controlling, Planning, Executing, and Closing C. Initiation, Planning, Controlling, Executing, and Closing D. Initiation, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing


Project managers spend what percentage of their prime communicating? A. 90 B. 85 C. 75 D. 50


Performance reporting tools and techniques include all of the following except: A. Earned value analysis B. Statistical sampling C. Variance analysis D. Performance reviews


What are the triple constraints? A. Time, schedules, and quality B. Time, availability, and quality C. Time, money, and schedules D. Time, money, and quality


What are the outputs of the Performance Reporting process? A. Performance reports and change requests B. Performance reports and other project records C. Change requests and performance reporting D. Change requests and performance measurements


Your company manufactures small kitchen appliances. They are introducing a new product line of appliances in designer colors with distinctive features for kitchens in small spaces. These new products will be offered indefinitely starting with the spring catalog release. In order to determine the characteristics and features of the new product line, you will have to perform which of the following? A. Fast tracking B. Consulting with the stakeholders C. Planning the project life cycle D. Progressive elaboration


What are the Quality Planning process outputs? A. Quality management plan, bench marking, checklists, evaluation criteria B. Quality management plan, bench marking, operational definitions C. Quality management plan, checklists, inputs to other processes D. Quality management plan, operational definitions, checklists, inputs to other processes


Describe size oriented metrics.


You are a contract project manager working with the State of Bliss. Your latest project involves rewriting the Department of Revenue's income tax system. One of the key stakeholders is a huge movie huff, and she has the power to promote you into a better position at the conclusion of this project. She's discovered that one of her favorite superstars lives in the State of Bliss and therefore must file income tax star. What is the most appropriate response? A. Report her to the management team B. Refuse to comply with the request, citing conflict of interest and violation of confidential company data C. Look up the information she's requested. Since the data is considered part of the project, there is no conflict of interest D. You believe that tax records are public information, so you comply with the request