Software Design Interview Questions
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How can we design/implement singleton object?


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What is impedance mismatch and How to solve the problem?


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Design Facade pattern - What is its application in projects ?


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Design the Factory pattern and What is its application ?


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How to analyze the design patterns ?

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What are the design patterns and How can they make life easier for software development ?


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Explain the singleton, facade, or handle class design pattern?


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what is a Design Pattern?


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In an Java interview, the Following question was asked.. How do you represent a class in UML?


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What is inheritance?


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Difference between Composition and Aggregation


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Difference: Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams ?


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Difference: 'uses', 'extends', 'includes'

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Where shall I go for Package Diagram?


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What is Polymorphism?

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What is platform-driven design?


create a flow diagram up to 2 levels for hospital management


explain important relationships that are used in object- oriented modeling.


Assignment A software house got a project to automate sales/purchase department of a furniture store. The store management is clearly transferred their requirements to the software house management. There is no chance of changing the requirements afterwards. Software house management use waterfall process model to make the project. Given is the progress flow of water-fall process model In waterfall process model, the deliverable (document) produced in one phase serves as an input to the next phase. Suppose you are a project manager who is leading this project. It is decided to work and complete the project using waterfall process model approach. You are required to develop a plan in which the key task is to decide the deliverable that should be built during and after completion of each phase. Also give a description or required contents that must be included in those deliverables. You are not supposed to make the complete project. All you are required to do is to make a Project plan. In that, you need to give a set of deliverables (documents) which according to you, should be developed in each of the phase (Requirements, Designing, implementation, Testing, Maintenance). Also provide contents which should be there in each deliverable. The contents should be clear and have brief explanation. Note:: There are one folder and one file in the attached folder. The file is named as Assignment 4 write-up which is your assignment write-up. The other folder named Project deliverables is the folder in which you are required to organize and place your deliverables. Name of the document/deliverable saved in each folder should be mentioned in the file named checklist (This file is placed in the “Project deliverables” folder) For Example If you produce a deliverable named Requirement Specification (RS) in the “Requirements” phase. You need to do following tasks 1) Finalize the RS contents 2) Save the file in sub-folder named Requirements 3) Write the name of this document in the checklist file under the heading Requirements. Similarly, you need to make and save deliverables of each phase. Not all phases contain one deliverable. There must be some phases having more than one deliverables. PLEASE SIR PRIVIDE ME THE CHECK LIST FOR GIVE SENERION ? CHECKLIST ARE: 1-Requirements 2- Designing 3- Implementation 4- Testing 5- Maintenance


What shall I go for Package Diagram?


What training have you undergone in project planning?


Test the save dialog in Notepad?


Ford Software engineer interview process and model questions


What are the additional productivity features and enhancements included with Quartus II software version 6.0?


What non-visual coding tools are available for web design?


One of our potential future investors ask us for following: "We also wanted to see the high level algorithm diagrams". I have searched the Web a lot and have found a lot of types of diagrams. I will not list them here. I'm not sure that the definition "high level algorithm diagrams" exists at all. Any way, if you know it is - where I can find it on Web. The more general question. If one need to create (let us define it this way) high level algorithm diagrams - where to find types, descriptions and templates on Web. Thanks a lot. Valery


Contact a small, medium, and a large contract program within your organization. Interview the Technical Director or Project Engineer to identify the following information: a. Request the individual to graphically depict their development strategy? b. What factors drove them to choose the implementation strategy? c. What were some of the lessons learned from developing and implementing the strategy that would influence their approach next time? d. How was the V & V strategy implemented?


Tell me how you handle an ethical dilemma?


Contact a system development program in your organization. Research how they analyzed their SYSTEM OF INTEREST (SOI), its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT, and their respective system elements. How was this analysis reflected in the SOI architecture?


What is the role of the W3C in Web accessibility?