SAP Interview Questions
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what are the reports u have generated with help of ABAP?


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Tell me the tool ur company is using for support?


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How u used to get tickets?


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Tell process of ticket flow from client side to you?


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what are the statuses?


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If it is development(service request),what is the purpose?

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In realization what will do?


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what are the deliverables in ur blue print?


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what are the issues u have faced in integration testing?


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what are the issues u have faced in training?


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what is value SAP

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what is cut over strategy?


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What is the difference between the stock transfer between, two plants belonging to same company code and those belonging to different company code?

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What are the steps in automatic account assignment config.

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How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP }

What is the relevance of 'Weight/Volume Relevant' tab in Credit Memo Request and Debit Memo request as in both, it is checked at item level? As I know, it is being used to re- determine route at delivery level.


How will you connect the multiple business services?


What is the difference between Party & Service without party in XI (ID)?


text determination in sales what is the header and item text?


How we Provided Security design, configuration, and support for SAP Enterprise Portals


Have you generated any customized report for your client in your project? Please give solution to this question by giving your real time experience examples from your project? I have been asked this question in an recent interview. Please reply asap... Eagerly awaiting for your response? Thanks in advance.


pls can anybody help regarding posting of vendor payment rs.100000 & discount receivid 5000 through f-43? & I configured in payment terms to customer a/c ok fine( the transaction key for customer is skt something! ok. where as in vendor payment term the transaction key not appearing, kindly post the possible reply to post discount received payment to vendor in detail. regards, pavitra


how 2 create the normal form by using functional module


Hello friends, I recently got certified in SAP SD module and looking for new openings as a fresher. I have more than 4 years of experience in Channel Sales and Distribution. Currently looking for a job in the area of SAP SD. Please suggest?


How do you debug user exit?


If i want to configure the partner determination for sales manager and general manager, if the sales manager is business partner in sales order he should only give 5% discount and general manager should can give 10% discount. how could i configure this ??


what is your ticketing tool? can we give some details about how we are getting tickets


Hi friends, As we all know (Net Present Value)The Currency value decrease every year.How to assign the net present value in asset accounting. If we use that concept say for ex. the asset value is for 10 years.if we use NPV method the asset the asset life willbe less than that na.How to use that? Ram.


Difference between Manual reorder point and Automatic reorder point.


Is there any one who can teach me SAP SD CIN ? I am ready to pay him. Presently I am in PUNE Location. Please Contact me its Urgent - 09987059674, E-Mail ID : Possible to me Teaching Location MUMBAI AND PUNE Location.