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HDFC Interview Questions
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What are the responsibilities of financial manager?

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what is Preference Capital?

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Types of Lease?

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When i go to interview in any company they told me only one question why u r join this company and why u r quit for your current job ?

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tell me about yourself introduction?

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suppose you experienced kind of condition where you have to select one among your family member or your professional career how do u proceed towards that? SWARNENDU DE

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what is your goal, strength and weekness

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What is your greatest strength?

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Why did you want to change(leave) your current(present) job?

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why do you want work as buiseness development executive in HDFC Bank?


what is cut over strategy?

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A man speaks the truth 3 out of 4 times. He throws a die and reports it to be a 6. What is the probability of it being a 6? (a) 3/8 (b) 5/8 (c) 3/4 (d) None of the above

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Are you Going to work for CRG or CRG?s clients?


what is multi level inheritance give n example ?

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Accenture Group Discussion & Interview Questions & HR Interview - 10 Sep 2006

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HDFC Interview Questions

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