SAP Interview Questions
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asset accounting capitalization date

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What is the difference between implementation and upgradation projects ?

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steps to upgrade from sap 4.7 to ecc 6.0 ?



how to connect client server in sap &how solve ni tickets in sap fico


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Hey how to close last financial year and open new financial year for ASSET ACCOUNTING?

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What is MIGO and MIRO ? issues related to them

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what will happen if you dont give any value in parameter and select options in report??will it fetch any value?

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I Developed Interactive report to display Customers, Sales Details and Delivery Priority? Why did u create these reports?what was the buisness requirements? what wer the inputs At Selection Screen?what was the output?how was the desighn of the screen?


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Is der any any alternative Statement instead of HIDE which u can use in reports?

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What is the use of AT Selection Screen output when we have At selection screen?Can u explain?

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How can u call a Report from a module pool program?

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Did u create the script or u have only modified?how did u modified Medruck?did u came across any errors while modifying?after adding the logo wer did u store that?


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how to find the driver program of a script without touching its print program?

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Difference between mount point and file system


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What do will do in OS level monitoring


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP }

What is the use of header mapping?


Have you generated any customized report for your client in your project? Please give solution to this question by giving your real time experience examples from your project? I have been asked this question in an recent interview. Please reply asap... Eagerly awaiting for your response? Thanks in advance.


how can we set a/r a/p netting for inter company code transactions? is it possible to do? if yes, give the solution?


SPRO path for order, confirmation or requirement class.


The user wants to create like a time table in BEX but when the open BEX its showing empty screen . in this situation what will u do.. And How will solve u …What r the steps u will take the to solve the solution..


what are the main technical differences between oracle and sap? it would be more helpful to me if get this answer...


If possible send me screenshot doc for installation of ecc6


How to find Kernal badi ?


I'm having problem how to know if certain SD Doc has been paid already. i had already viewed BKPF/BSEG/BSAD/BSID/BSAK/BSIK. I'm a novice ABAPER and when the requesting dept want a report, they just show the layout without proper functional specs. Co'z they dont also know where/what field. Can somebody give a hint or overview which tables links or any flagging fields that triggers a certain DR#(Billing Docs) has already been paid? Hope you can forgive me on this matter. We dont have any training/seminars bout SAP modules. We only take ABAP using SAP script only. I learned ALV through my self-study. Thanks in advance.


I have 80 queries which query is taking so much time how can you solve it


What is ?predefined characteristics??


Hi,have Good Command in SAP ABAP, ABAP WEBDYNPRO now i want to learn sap IS utilities.. can u plz suggest me is it useful r not? If not can i learn BI? Is ABAP with BI have gud future?


Why should we use external number range inspite of using internal no. range in Asset Configuration? Plz. give the answer in detials.


Hi , I am 38 Yrs old and having 10 years of experience in trading industries like Computer hardware,software and steels and education field .I am having some exp of working in SAP as core team also. i want to know is there any limitations of AGE in SAP .


What are the precautions to generate a report on DSO in sap Bi?