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i m living in surat last 1 year....i want to make my passport.....but my all documents related to rajasthan.............can i aaply in surat passport office??????also my family lives in rajasthan now

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Hi list for the Maharashtra is hosted on the SBH Web site on Dated Agu01 2009 ( Id=127). the centre is AURANGABAD - Zonal Office and M test started from Aug-10 to Aug-18 2009. any body from mumbai? send me mail on

State Bank of Hyderabad SBH,


just what is the difference between group1 and civils.............. and i want to know how to prepare the groups.Where can i get the information about this...... can u tellme plz

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how to prepare for examinations in higher education?


Do u think Monalisa is a boy or girl?

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Any one got call letter or format for medical check up from associate banks of SBI (SBM ,TamilNadu)?????


I have a construction Company i want to know the applicability of service tax on it


any shortcut method to find out squre of 96 ??

State Bank Of India SBI,


what is auto filter, hyperlink,& pivot table in Excel ?


What is Auto format in Excel?


Does Warid support EDGE ?

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wat r the standard books for the preperation in the view of Group1 exams held by APPSC

State Bank Of India SBI,


when wil the iob po interview 2009 results be declared....pls tel me

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why do you choose to leave the present job before you get another one ?


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HI, i was given only 1st round and i made it through the first round, then was sent for the final HR round.In the HR round the HR manager dint ask me a single question of the related job,all he asked was as following:- i)what are your salary Expectations ii)are you ok to do night shifts.then he thanked me and said he will let me know by 2 days,when i asked him for any feedbacks and suggestions he said that he will let me know only after 2 days.SO please help me what shall i expect from this one of a kind interview. Many thanks in advance.


the key persons of jallianwalla bagh massacre? who rendered vishnu sahasranamam in the form of casettes? which associate bank of sbi already merged n wich is going to merge? founder of andhra bank? reasons for selecting the banking sector?


Tell me about your school


What happens when centrifugal pump is operated with closed discharge valves?


bubble sort source code in turbo c++


We are a manufacturing organisation , the product produced are batch detemined ( every day we have a different Batch No day wise). Part of the finished product produced is taken by another department to manufacture thier final product . We transfer material from one storage location to another and have activtaed the back flush indicator for manufacturing the finished product of department 2. The transfer of the product from dept 1 to dept 2 is of different batches . will the system do automatic back flushing for the final product of dept 2. If yes please let me know.


What is diff bet lotus and exchange and which is good in messing only?


What is the salary in railway in group c with grade pay 2400?


i am an electrical engineering student(2nd year),is in plant training necessary at the end of 2nd year?what is correct time?where should i do in-plant?


Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?


Hire Purchase System and Installments System.


starting current of a 1.5 AC is ti possible to start the AC on Grid and run on solar


In an Interview when asked me that tell me about yours self, then what is the step by the answer?


What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced in your life?


ph is 4.01,6.86,9.18 mv value 184.7,19.0,-110.7 how to calculate slope manually