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What are your views regarding going on a mission humanitaire(www.mission-humanitaire-afrique.org) with shammesh?


I m employee can i describe my daily routine? I can but my daily routine is same all the day its so boring. Can anyone help me? Is there any topic to describe my routine. Thank You


we need to change 100 Rs and it must contain 50 Note equal to 100 Rs by adding 1 5 10 20???


how was BITP exam, is it easy? ,As i din't get any sample question papers I am totally confused


Which is the top women clothi shop in India?

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How to solve a conflict between licensed and unlicensed personnel with in a hospital?


What is the configuration of a paper?

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What is the configuration of an exposition essay?

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What problems do you faced at work? ( apply for condominium admin staff post )


How can one be able to transport their truck overseas?

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My question is: Is the playstation network credit card regional limited? For example, I registered a Chinese PSN account, then, Play Station Network 50 USD, can I buy this card and fill it in my account? https://www.scdkey.com/play-station-network-50-usd_2392-20.html

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My PC auto restart some times goes shutdown..is PSU 12V is responsible for it becoz its not ok as seen bios Hardware


Why I can't connect to the PlayStation store? I want to buy or download a game by using psn keys(https://www.scdkey.com/playstation-prepaid-card_5.html). My console is PS4. Every time I press the PlayStation store, there will only be a message saying "Plas wait". I waited halfway, then tried it a few times and the problem continued. I have to say that I can play online, but it won't let me visit the de Playstation Store.

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PS4 and Xbox One, which one is more suitable for multiplayer?

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PS4 and Xbox One, which one is more suitable for multiplayer? Excuse me, what are the specific differences between xbox one and ps4, which one is more suitable for multiplayer online games, which is better interactive? Are the Xbox Live Gold Membership Key and PSN plus+ subscription necessary for the multiplayer online service? Thank you!

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what is the cutoff marks in bank po exam to get to be selected?


hi does any one know about " multilabs india "..i got job offer in that company through backdoor process..But im afraid to join in backdoor,..please tell me about multilabsindia ..shall i join or not ??


If i have 3 different company codes,operating in different countries with different currencies so what will be my controlling area currency is it different for all company codes or only one. how will i get consolidated report.


who is the father of statistics ?whera its was started first time ?what was its early uses ?


Tell me about a time when you had to work as part of a team and someone was not holding up their end of the work (it can be work or school). What did you do?


What are the importance of employee training and development in the organization?


Can any one solve this one?? **A server configuration is controlled from a single web page with multiple options:  20 drop-down menus, with 3-4 options each.  5 check-boxes.  1 multi-select menu, with 5 options.  1 template selection, with 6 options: A, B, C, D, E, F. o When options A, B, C, D are selected, all options (#1-#3) above are available. o When options E, F are selected, only 10 out of 20 drop-down menus have an effect.  Besides item #4, developers input is that all options are independent, I.e., not impacting each other. What is the required number of test configurations required in order to test the server configuration and release in good quality:  Assuming first release.  Assuming regression tests for release with new features not impacted by the above options. Test configuration is a complete set of options that were selected to be tested in one complete server configuration scenario. I.e, a test configuration is set of 17 or 27 specific options tested together.


Why our fingers are not in equal length?




What is the difference between subjective and objective career?


in oracle apps technical which module is best for MCA students


which plan and modem should i take for 3g internet usage mainly for downloads which gives me speed of 3.1 mbps,5.2 m bps,7.1 m bps and unlimited usage for a month .state haryana


what is CRR?


if a material tested by titration and finish test by HPLC we can prepare working standard by which method.


There is a 20 X 20 array. In Each row , the tallest person is called and among them, the tallest person is A. In Each column, the shortest person is called and among them, the shortest person is B. Who is taller?