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What are your views regarding going on a mission humanitaire(www.mission-humanitaire-afrique.org) with shammesh?


I m employee can i describe my daily routine? I can but my daily routine is same all the day its so boring. Can anyone help me? Is there any topic to describe my routine. Thank You


we need to change 100 Rs and it must contain 50 Note equal to 100 Rs by adding 1 5 10 20???


how was BITP exam, is it easy? ,As i din't get any sample question papers I am totally confused


Which is the top women clothi shop in India?

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How to solve a conflict between licensed and unlicensed personnel with in a hospital?


What is the configuration of a paper?

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What is the configuration of an exposition essay?

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What problems do you faced at work? ( apply for condominium admin staff post )


How can one be able to transport their truck overseas?

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My question is: Is the playstation network credit card regional limited? For example, I registered a Chinese PSN account, then, Play Station Network 50 USD, can I buy this card and fill it in my account? https://www.scdkey.com/play-station-network-50-usd_2392-20.html

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My PC auto restart some times goes shutdown..is PSU 12V is responsible for it becoz its not ok as seen bios Hardware


Why I can't connect to the PlayStation store? I want to buy or download a game by using psn keys(https://www.scdkey.com/playstation-prepaid-card_5.html). My console is PS4. Every time I press the PlayStation store, there will only be a message saying "Plas wait". I waited halfway, then tried it a few times and the problem continued. I have to say that I can play online, but it won't let me visit the de Playstation Store.

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PS4 and Xbox One, which one is more suitable for multiplayer?

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PS4 and Xbox One, which one is more suitable for multiplayer? Excuse me, what are the specific differences between xbox one and ps4, which one is more suitable for multiplayer online games, which is better interactive? Are the Xbox Live Gold Membership Key and PSN plus+ subscription necessary for the multiplayer online service? Thank you!

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what is article?




different of bank statment and stock transfer in cash book


similarly boy propose girl but in this case girl propose boy?


who is the father of statistics ?whera its was started first time ?what was its early uses ?


How to set tracing level for PowerCenter Informatica. Do we need to give tracing level in each and every mapping or is there any option to change tracing level commonly for all mappings. ?


Ang elepante na ba po ang susunod na mawawala sa ating daigdig?


Role of the H.R. & H.R.Department.


why dont you join your family business????


Dear Friends, Can any body provide RC Reddy study material for GROUP-II exams. Or can u plz tell me where can I get RC reddy Printed study material for Group-II. It would be highly appriciated if you provide me the details.


How do you create a solaris package?


Difference between Windows Vista and Windows XP professional?


how to measurement a horizontal water tank in ltr ?


how does thomas cook interface with their customer??


why you want to join LIC as DSE?