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Infotech Interview Questions
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What is the difference between RMI and Corba?


What is difference between Smoke&Sanitary Testing?

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Write a program to interchange two variables without using the third variable?

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What is lessons learnt document?Explain.

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Difference between the HotFix,ShowStopper and critical bug?

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What is Six sigma ?Expain.

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Design a counter for the following binary sequence: 0,4,5,3,1,6,2,7 and repeat. Use JK flip-flops.

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1.In modal analysis ,we can give damping or not? 2.draw goodman's rankine fatigue curve? 3.write down goodman's rankine fatigue equation? 4.IN structural analysis ,out of so many stresses,why von-mises stress are chosen?

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What is the need of filtering ideal response of filters and actual response of filters?

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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?

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what are the types of dimension tables

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If he sells 40 mangoes, he will get the selling price of 4 mangoes extra, What is his percentage increase in profit ?

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What database Active directory contains?

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What is difference between perform() used in struts1.0 and execute() used in 1.1 ?

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Which layer is responsible for determining if sufficient resources for the intended communication exists? * Application * Network * Session * Presentation * Transport

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Infotech Interview Questions

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