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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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Can any one know the questions asked by Federal bank in Interviews?I cleared both PO and Clerk Exams held on 2009. If any One Know that Pls help me..Unni


what is the locating and un locacating of bearing in pump


how to alighn the pump to motor


what is BSE MId cap and how does it work ?


What is the expansion for COMPUTER?


hi letme know which is the best coaching centre for RRB exams in Chennai ? I need full address with contact no.thank u. Contact me in 9791776758 anytime.


name the places where the indian govt has given its nod to set up four new tiger resereviors?


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what is the function of neutral c.t


what is the function of impulse relay


plz guide & send me sbi bank & svc bank clearical exam pattern & study materials on my email id


hi friends i am nikhitha.Did any of you received appointment letter from SBH after medical checkup?I have completed my medical test on 21-08-09 and they sent the reference letters also. please reply me if any one of you know any information about the appointments. with best wishes.. nikhitha


I m 26 yrs old & I m now in accounting field But I want to changed my line & I want to go in Web designing then It would be benificial for me or not?& how much I will get at the start salary from Webdesigning?

1 1981

what is quo warrento?


I m working in a chemical manufacturing co for their banking and finance dept. I have to prepare a mis report. Could you kindly send me the MIS format and what information it should contain thank u your prompt reply will be highly appreciated



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Hello All, I am a indian lady married in aug,2006. In 2007 I asked one agent to apply for a passport for me. He filled up the form & I signed it. After few days I got the passport. Now there is one mistake he has done while filling my form. ****He has written my marital status as UNMARRIED in the form by mistake.*** Now I wanna go to US on B2 visa. Now I want to ask whethere I can face any legal action, because of wrong infromation in my passport application about the marital status earlier which is by mistake. What should I do?


how does telecom sector work ?


can u provide me dvc old model question paper for jnr. clerk-typist exam


i want thanx my brother so i need nice wording


why failure mode effective analysis report are necessary for equipment change control? what is validation risk assessment? how many class of standard calibrated weight balance? how perform magnetics gauge calibration? what is eccentric & centric weight balance calibration? what is different between out of specification & out of trend?


She asked me to tell memorable event in my life for sometime and asked to introduce myself. She also asked about my roll model.


hello..............Is this company BPO or ITES...........


What is the difference between Tinanium Debit card and Platinuim Debit card?


when will be declare the result of sbi clerk exam held in nov 2009


what is core banking?


what are the important points to consider in scrutiny of trial balance?


Can I get some ideas for 2 minutes speech on michael jackson


hi, i have been selected for sbi po(rural business).But due my fault,I could'nt take application print out.Now they are demanding to submit it at interview. What to do? Pls help if anyone can......


Hi..I am Ramya Naveen...I hav applied for clerical post in karnatak bank...i m having exam on jan 4 ,2010.Pls send some sample papers to my email id, i.e,


What about our position do you find the most and least attractive?