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Wells Fargo Interview Questions
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what are stored procedures?

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What is Mortgage & Mortgage loan

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How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?

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How can we acheive Correlated sub-query in Designer?

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tell me test cases for marker

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Hi all when you run your scripts, all the corresponding bugs can be loged in to Quality Center (or any bug tracking tool), when you have a connection between both the tools. obviously one is being a BUG TRACKING and TEST MANAGEMENT TOOL (QC) and the next is a TESTING TOOL (QTP). my question is that....being both are different tools how can you establish a connection. As you connect your Monitor with CPU by some cables.

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If you find a bug and the developer says it is as-designed, what can you do?

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As a tester, what is the final report u submitted to ur customer? please write it in tabular form

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what is the difernece between named and anonymous pl/sql blocks??

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15. Which statement about ADRs is true? a) An ADR is the receipt for the shares of a foreign based corporation held in U.S bank b) ADRs do not trade on U.S exchange c) ADRs give non U.S investors a way to buy non US company shares in the US market. d) The holder of an ADR is entitled to only the dividends for the security

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers

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Where do the default global variables declared in designer are stored in Tibco Administrator -- WellsFargoo

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Where does the Tibco Admin maintains the version history of the application?Can you please tell us the path?

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What is the advantage of scripted deployment in Tibco?What is difference between scripted deployment and normal deployment

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What is the most critical bug you found in your latest project or overall in your career ?


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Wells Fargo Interview Questions
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