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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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who was crowed fia 2007 footballer of the year?


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what kind of mirror is used for rear view?


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How to clean your keyboard in five minutes?

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if any APPSC recruitment notification will be coming, then immediately the alert message about the recruitment will be come to my mail, what i have to do for that.

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How to answer for a question in a company interview that what are three positive character traits you don't have?


Hey I like to play online games .I damn crazy about it.My favorite one is sudoku and I have good steps to solve sudoku which I got from Tell me some good online games list and some steps to solve that..


What are advantages and disadvantages of Nuclear power?


AFOTIGWIYUNOR kindly arrange in three words


Can you send me some general information about rain forests (or climate change, pollution, food, etc.) for my information?


My technical interview of wipro is on 22 jan.Please send me some questions regarding c & c++.My email address is


enumerate various costs associated with the performance, security, support, and maintenance of ubuntu


I have given my B.O.B Interview on 14/01/10 @ delhi. Could anyone tell me when would be the results declared? pls post if anyone is seleted.

Bank of Baroda,


If you were stranded on an island with unlimited food and water and could only bring 1 thing what would it be?


hello everybody! I am soumali ,pursuing MBA with HR as a specialization,and going to face my first placement interview,plz hep me to knw that wht type of important quetions which i will face regarding my HR specialization. wht will be the answer of Q1 WHY U HV SELECTED HR AS A SPECIALIZATION? Q2 Where do you see urself from 3-5yrs from now as a HR in the company? Q3 What will be ur career goals or career path as a HR? PLZ GV ME the answers of above questions?


quantatitive application of polarimetry ?

Sun Pharma,


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Hi, I have passed the SBI SO written exam for the post Ass.Manager(Systems) . Could anyone help me with the interview type and questions? Thanks


How we use ABC analysis at store for inventory control


Role of the H.R. & H.R.Department.


what do you mean the mis report?


How does the respiratory system picks up oxygen while inhaling amongst all other gases????


Question that will be ask for master interview


i am pursuing chem. engg. i hv aggregate of 56.8%,diploma 63%, 60%. am i eligible to software companies?kindly tell me for which jobs i m eligible.thanking u in advance.


im a market dealer having 2.5 years of experience & i have done MIRPM. Did i have any chance to get a job in foreign & which certification did help me to get a good job with nice pay-scale there?


Hi friends I was selected for SBI clerical interview and my interview is on may 7 I completed Computers wat are the questions to be asked regarding computers.....can u pls post the answer for me.........JO


I was been in the US before when my ex boyfriend petition a K1 visa but the relationship did not work so i went back to my country.Now i have a new boyfriend his American citizen can he still petition me for a K1 visa?


i had an backlog in my engg finial i am counted as 2008 or 2009 passout for applying to IT companies? so what should i keep it in my resume thanks in advance.


i had completed diploma in electrical & electronics engineering . did i have to get any other certificates for applying any government posts ?


Is it right to leave TCS & join Accenture for 2 years experienced Software Professional ?


what are your major limitation


I am working in a company situated at Maharashtra. Now looking for a job change & have as offer from a well known company situated at Chennai & posting is also in chennai. What would be a reasonable salary hike should demand for the post while negotiating as currently I am drawing 5 Lac PA in Maharashtra. Please advice...