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MAHINDRA Interview Questions
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On a given day, a bank had 16000 cheques returned by customers. Inspection of the first 800 cheques indicated that 100 of those 800 had errors and were therefore the available immediately for data processing. On this basis, hwo many cheques would be available immediately for data processing on that day?

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Whats the advantages/disadvantages of using datacontrol vs DAO/ADO/RDO?

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What is your weakness? more than five and explain? how u overcome that?

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what is the difference between arrays and linked list

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i want all the questions asked interview in tech mahindra also the written exam papers in tech mahindra what is the future in the mahindra for the fresheres in mechanical? you future visiting area for campus

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What is the composition of brass ?

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A money Bill in the Indian Parliament can be introduced only with the recommendation of the (a) President (b) Prime Minister (c) Speaker of Lok Sabha (d) Union Finance Minister

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The Indian National Army (I.N.A.) came into existence in 1943 in (a) Japan (b) Then Burma (c) Singapore (d) Then Malaya

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Debenture holders of a company are its (a) Shareholders (b) Creditors (c) Debtors (d) Directors

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what is non functional requirements used in ur project?

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i want tech mahindra recent placement paper conducted for campus recruitment in bangalore

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What is Abstraction?

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TechMahindra campus Selection Procedure ---- 18/04/07

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TechMahindra Interview Procedure With Online Test 2007 Apr 18

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The Indian Income tax is 1 Direct and proportional 2 Indirect and proportional 3 Direct and progressive 4 Indirect and progressive

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MAHINDRA Interview Questions

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