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Serco Interview Questions
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What is Integration Testing and its types

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Tell me 2 minutes about traffic hyderabad ?

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Which of the following is considered as the ?Electronic City? of India? (a) Hyderabad (b) Bangalore (c) Kolkata (d) Mumbai

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WHY you choose to work in a call center? why we should hire you without experience in a call center? why do you want to work in a graveyard ship? How much salary do you want to received? what is a call center for you?

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speak for 2 minutes on some topic

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What is difference between call centre and bpo

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I was asked what do I prefer, inbound or outbound? What is better, to choose between the two or to say, any of which? Why?

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tell about mumbai ?

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being a student why do you want to go for a call centre job

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What are the types of HR and what are the HR Roles and Responsible

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What are the basic questions for freshers in bpo?

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Speak about "The impact of coffee in our daily life"


speak about your college days or speak on morning,school days,hometown,or the city where you live

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Why do you want to be the part of Barclays?

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers

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Un-Answered Questions

if not found suitable for the post applied for, are you willing to be considered for a lower post yes / no ? why?


what is the use of scul transaction in sap security in ecc server?


any one can provide me some sample resume for SAP PP with 0 to 1 year experience?


What do you mean by GTT? What are the effect of GTT on film coating.


I am getting an error "failed to open the XML checkpoint result viewer" in result window,after clicking on "View XML checkpoint results".Someone suggest me settings,if any...


What is the Technology used to carry out trades?


How to I prevent other users from using Kryptel (Silver Key)?


how can we find the discharge pressure of the pump with the use of flow and NPSH?


What happens if we delay the enabling of Clock signal?


What is Catapult Testing in E-Learning Domain?


explain about yourself with your streangth and weakness. and also tell me why do you want to do mba?


This Problem May Arise For Most Of The MBA'S That AFter Studing MBA Which Job SHOULD We Have To Apply HR POINT OF VIEW 


Please provided formula for calculate the cable size from step up transformer to M.V panel, run overhead aluminum cables, total load is 5mega watt, total length 900 feet.


How is double fertilisation present in some gymosperms when it is a characteristic of angiosperms?


how will mapping between testcases and requirments(tracebility matrix) in manual testing without using any bug tracking tool


Serco Interview Questions
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