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Serco Interview Questions
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What is Integration Testing and its types

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Tell me 2 minutes about traffic hyderabad ?

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Which of the following is considered as the ?Electronic City? of India? (a) Hyderabad (b) Bangalore (c) Kolkata (d) Mumbai

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WHY you choose to work in a call center? why we should hire you without experience in a call center? why do you want to work in a graveyard ship? How much salary do you want to received? what is a call center for you?

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speak for 2 minutes on some topic

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What is difference between call centre and bpo

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I was asked what do I prefer, inbound or outbound? What is better, to choose between the two or to say, any of which? Why?

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tell about mumbai ?

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being a student why do you want to go for a call centre job

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What are the types of HR and what are the HR Roles and Responsible

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What are the basic questions for freshers in bpo?

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Speak about "The impact of coffee in our daily life"


speak about your college days or speak on morning,school days,hometown,or the city where you live

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Why do you want to be the part of Barclays?

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers

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Un-Answered Questions

What is the zero value in quantity surveying


what is the difference between with core


what will be the questions asked by interview if we mention cooking as hobby?


Damping resistor provided in open delta (tartiary) winding of a measuring PT at the incoming of a MV inverter drive panel is getting heated up. Can any body explain the reasons and suggest the remedy?


Suppose we are doing 4 operations on database using service, first operation is successful but due to some reason remaining 3 operations are failed. I) is this transaction successful or not? ii) How can you give that error message to user?


How to write test cases for "open file dialog box" for ms word? Thanks a lot!


what is tension & compression of steel bending.


interest paid to bank rs. 15000 in connection with overdraft obtained for paying dividend.


How to Preview files in IDE?


what tax will be on puchasing of sweets and is necessery to use form 38.


How to Deal with Duplicated Sockets?


wat is the necessity of finding shear and bending moment in a structure. wat will happen if it is not consider. other than shear cracks and deflection is there any other failure happen.


How do I mimic a toggle button?


i need modal Q. paper of junior enjineer for 1/2009 rrb ajmer exam cat no. 11 jell electrical thenkyou


by which international certificate special import concession can be achived


Serco Interview Questions
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