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what kind of jobs will you be doing in the next one year, two years or five years?


what sort of trainings would benefit you in the next year? not just job skill but also your natural strength and personal passion


I'm a 2016 passed out B.E student from Tamilnadu.nearly 2 years.. I don't have any proper working experience.. during my interview I told to HR that "I'm a fresher n hv no work experience". He asked me the reason for that 2 years to answer this question properly .. kindly help me friends...


Who is the best football player in the world?


Are you looking for the best football academy in Bangalore?

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Can I get some ideas for 2 minutes speech on michael jackson


ph is 4.01,6.86,9.18 mv value 184.7,19.0,-110.7 how to calculate slope manually


How to get a high quality game mouse

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Interviewer: This is a phone/pen. How you will sell this item to me?


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Respected Sir/Madam, I am 36 yrs old working woman, preparing for MPSC assit/sales tax inspector exam which will be held on 29/11/09. Time is less and sylybus is wast please maile me earlier years question paper if you have on my email id THANKS, do for the needful. regards.


Why Amartya sen got Nobel prize? how his theory proved useful for developing nations?


Sir, I have completed my BTech in Electronics and Communication and also MTech in Nanoscience .But I want to come in the banking sector. What are the questions expected in interview ? plz help


hi, i've cleared union bank of india's clerical cadre written exam. and called for interview on 18th of this month. I dont have the copy of fee payment challan and print out of online application. whether these things are very important or not?


Sir I m doing US based CFA. and I m MBA Finance from Gujarat University. I have 3 years of accounting cum Audit experience in India and Dubai. How this can help me to have US Visa. Means what is more required to apply for the employment Visa. Please reply me. Means which type of Employment Visa can I have good support.. Please reply me. What is still needed for my eligibility. for the same.


i want to do ncfm certification course in kanpur plz. provide information


what is hashing and what are the various techniques of hashing?


How many times fill return of PF and ESI by the company?


Hi,I have got selected as a clerk in Bank of baroda. I would like to know the career growth(promptions). Pls help me out.


How many marks (IELTS) do I need to join the nursing degree course or diploma course at the UC in Australia, Canberra?


if a material tested by titration and finish test by HPLC we can prepare working standard by which method.


What are advantages and disadvantages of Nuclear power?


i am getting different answers as far as the height of the " sri gomateshwara " statue , at shravanabelagola. i had read long back during my school days , as 57ft. but i am seeing now as 55', 3 mts etc. which is correct. pl guide me?


who is the father of statistics ?whera its was started first time ?what was its early uses ?


what is the diffreence between sales insurance and other marketing ?