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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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Deloitte KPMG PwC and Ernst & Young – Big 4 Interview Questions 1. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Deloitte, Ernst Young, KPMG, PWC,


What types of challenges have you faced in the past two years and how did you overcome them?


What Is Difference Between Factory Cast and MRP

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similarly boy propose girl but in this case girl propose boy?


Can any one solve this one?? **A server configuration is controlled from a single web page with multiple options:  20 drop-down menus, with 3-4 options each.  5 check-boxes.  1 multi-select menu, with 5 options.  1 template selection, with 6 options: A, B, C, D, E, F. o When options A, B, C, D are selected, all options (#1-#3) above are available. o When options E, F are selected, only 10 out of 20 drop-down menus have an effect.  Besides item #4, developers input is that all options are independent, I.e., not impacting each other. What is the required number of test configurations required in order to test the server configuration and release in good quality:  Assuming first release.  Assuming regression tests for release with new features not impacted by the above options. Test configuration is a complete set of options that were selected to be tested in one complete server configuration scenario. I.e, a test configuration is set of 17 or 27 specific options tested together.



Please tell me some speeches on different types of technology


WCT not deducted from contract value but contractor paid full VAT is it right

Rajasthan Association,


Tagores gitanjali is a


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why assay by HPLC as per USP is necessary in testing if assay by potentiometry as per EP is already analysed un stability study


why the hand nails growing faster than leg nails


i want to start a call centre of airtel or jio. what is the whole procedure. kindly help me out.


The ration of stone,sand and cement in a concrete mixture is 6;3;1.If you have 20m^3 of concrete,what is the volume of;sand,stone and cement?

Oxbridge Academy,


Can anyone help how a 5 years experienced IT recruiter self introduction in details in an job interview


There is a 20 X 20 array. In Each row , the tallest person is called and among them, the tallest person is A. In Each column, the shortest person is called and among them, the shortest person is B. Who is taller?



What is your greatest necessities?

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different of bank statment and stock transfer in cash book


which books i have to read for group2?


Why Amartya sen got Nobel prize? how his theory proved useful for developing nations?


frnds it took 7trs for me to complete my btech [ece] due to some financial i eligible to do masters in foreign trade pls advice me...


THE specified type has no structure and therefore no component


which size of cable should be used for 20hp motor load?


lovers love it. friends need it. relationship start with it. and life ends with it.


Bhagwan budh got enlightment under the tree of Banyan (But briksh)then why there are a peepal tree in Bodh Gaya as a Bodhibriksh?


Dear sir, Please tell me a rate analysis of single repitation of slab shuttering if we use only one time of shuttering material & use steel plat.


ph is 4.01,6.86,9.18 mv value 184.7,19.0,-110.7 how to calculate slope manually


Which is the World’s Warmest Sea?


who is the first umpire to stand in cricket ground


1. I'm just S.S.L.C I don't have UG completion... But l want to study PG in M.Com or any fine arts in PG, Is it possible..., If possible please tell me which university can i apply,,, is that University in Chennai ?.


i have worked at paper industry in instrumentation dept as asst.engg for two years in bank interview they asked me why u are coming to the banking field. what concrete reason i can give for this


Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?