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State Bank of Hyderabad SBH Interview Questions
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hi can any one plz tell me how will be the interview for clerical of state bank of hyderabad.urjenttttttttt

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why u have opted for mba after doing graduation in botany (hons)

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I want to know my SBI Clerk exam result held on 01 March 2009

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Hi friends i attended SBH interview in Andhrapradesh State Region on 23.05.2009 at 11:35 hrs. It is fine. If you have any doubts about verification of documents and interview feel free to call 9492038751. There were three members in interview panel sitting on sofa and i was offered a chair to sit on. Now the inter view questions are : What is speciality of you district ? Ans. Important pilgrimage centres and tourist spots What is your father ? Why there is big gap after ur last education ? What are Newtons laws of motion ? (I am Diplomo candidate) What are todays main news ? What is ATM ? What is micro finance ? Who won Nobel prize from Bangladesh on micro finance ? Do u know hindi ? What is our rashtra basha ? ( Not rajya basha ) Do u read new papers daily ? Which english daily u read ? Ans : I said Hindu News Paper Do u know rifle shooting ? (as i am a NCC candidate) That's all friends. But i gathered some good information useful for this SBH interview also. I have attended interview class in a coaching centre also. Bye and best of luck to all those who got SBH interviews.

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when will the final result of SBH will be declared

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when will the appointment order be issued for associate banks of SBI?

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I got selected in SBH clerical.What is my pay scale & Where i will get appointed.

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hi friends , I have been selected for SBH.what are the further steps to be taken.Also wat next now, wat do we do,wait for letter of appointment or so wat else. please meil me And anyone selected for SBH, pls do mail me. We could get to be friend before meeting up at SBH, would be a great experience.Keep posting....Congrats to all selected candidates.Those who are not selected The Next Time You Surely Will Be Or GOD has better plans for you.... Thanks in advance

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My Brother got SMS from SBI,CRPD that he is selected for clerical post of its Associate bank i.e state bank of hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh , Last week.But till now he is not received ant e-mail or appiontment letters from SBI or SBH . He cald to many time to CRPD ,MUMBAI . the phone is continously ringing but no body is responding .dear friends please help me what to do.??? Also he is in stress wether he is on main list or waiting list. Please help .....

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i am selected for a job in state bank of Hyderabad and dena bank. but i have still not received appointment letter. so please can any one tell me placement?

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SBH ONLY,i read some message where somebody from SBP got Email,I am selected for SBH and not got any message frm them in any form.This thread is for SBH Only,guys selected for SBH can communicate,post messages and inform others if they receive any communication frm SBH or abt the progress.

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Hi list for the Maharashtra is hosted on the SBH Web site on Dated Agu01 2009 ( Id=127). the centre is AURANGABAD - Zonal Office and M test started from Aug-10 to Aug-18 2009. any body from mumbai? send me mail on


I got selected as clerk in SBH and canara bank? Please suggest in which bank there will be quick growth (promotions) and other things like salary etc. Please share your valuable views. Thanks

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Any info. abt appointment letter & place of postings for SBH (AP) candidates? Do we have any choices for place of posting?

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Can anybody tell when sbh dispatches appointment letters for Clerical for people completed medical and scrutiny of documents on 15/08/09?


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