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HP SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Without writing the event start-of-selection we can execute a report program.Then what's the purpose of writing it?

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When we are updating certain database table with 100 records and we found that only 60 records are updated, then how to find the errror records and how to correct and updated again? Explain step by step.

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What's the use of AT PF event?

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What's the difference between AT NEW and AT END OF events?

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Uses of runtime analysis and sql trace with example(coding).

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If pass table name as parameter how can i get table contents?

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how to print only one line item at every page in smart forms in main window .for ex for sales order i will get so many items i need to display only at one page like 1st line at one page and second line at 2nd page .pls answer itttt.

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how will you go for row level locking of a z table

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did u done enhancement framework?how u implemented?


There is one scenario , where A Badi consists of multiple implementations ,and i need to execute only PERTICULAR implementaion (say 2nd ) , ONLY One implementation , then how can execute the perticular implementation .

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HP SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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