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HP SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How do you monitor sessions?

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There is a file in application server. How can you upload it and separate it as per different fields?

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n an internal table you want to modify content of a particular field in a row. How to do it?

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I have 2 transactions,the output of 1st transaction is input of 2nd transaction.In this senario...Which method we use to upload the Data,Call trans or Session maethod?How?

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In Table Maintaince Generator for a table i need some fields to be filled default,like date from sy-datum.........when the displays initailly....HOw

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Which event in Reports is equal to PBOin Module Pool Program?

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IN Smart Form how many windows are there explain them each? Upto how many main windows we can place in Smartform?

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How to create Extended Idoc?

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In MPP,i have to create a input/output Button when i click ther i have to move some other transaction How?

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What is the diff b/w load of program and Initailazatio Events? Which event triggers each time we exectute the program?

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what is the z-transaction?? what's the use of it??

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What are Major differences in Smart forms and Scripts

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How to execute a smart form?

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Tell the step by step procedure to print a smart form?

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What are vale table check table? What's the difference between the two? Explain with simple example taking table.

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HP SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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