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HP SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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can u send the results from report to sap memory?

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what are the roles and responsibilities of a technical consultant will be assigned in idoc development in real time? in case of a)IDOC EXTENSION b)sending TRANSACTIONAL IDOC c)CHANGE POINTERS

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What is the program flow of BADI(step by step)?

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Explain the SmartForm with an Example?

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what is ECC in current version of sap r/3 ECC6.0. what is full form of ECC6.0?

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After finding enhancements of a perticular transaction using SMOD, how can you opt one enhancement from all displayed enhacements?

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What are the problems in processing batch input session?

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How many sessions will be opened using bdc_open_group?

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10> Can u give me one example where we should use only CALL TRANSACTION method in BDC?

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hi my name is amit i have passed BE(CSE) with honours(72%) in 2006 yr. i have completed SAP/ABAP training with good exposer. i need a staffing company which can provide me real time exposer in SAP R/3. so plz help me out and send any information regarding on my mail id or tele. no. 9999784331 thanks


To avoid screen resolution problem while recording,

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What is the difference b/w BAPI and Function module

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Describe ALV Report

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Performance tuning. How can you know which line of code taking long time to execute?

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For which transaction you used BDC?

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HP SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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