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HP SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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one company having that company how many pricing procedures are you maintain

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why you maintain two company codes ?

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Hi experts, Here is a question i have faced in one of my interviews Why there is no option of deleting billing document?

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Hi experts, Please tell me how Stock transfer Order Process, Third Party process, Individual Purchase Order Process and credit Management goes on before implementation of SAP.Now-a-days most of the companies are asking about the business processes goes on before implementation of sap.

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Hi! all, in SAP SD, I'm creating a customer in Tcode: XD01 & Im able to save the Customer & an Number is assigned for the following Customer through the Internal Number that has been assigned to the relevant Account Group. Everything is going fine till I the system generates the Customer Number. But when I check for the same Customer Number in XD02 / XD03, I get an Error saying that - "The Customer doesn't exist or not created". I have checked the Number Ranges & they are perfectly assigning the number sequence but I'm unable to retrieve the Customer info from the CMR. The Customer created is also not visible in the Tcode: VCUST. Could anyone help me resolve this particular issue, at the earliest please.

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Order types, why do we need to create our order types and not use the standard ones during implementation.

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I have one sales organisation and one plant two customers are mumbai and singapor how to delivery in these scenario?

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Hi, I don't understand what is use of GAP Analysis in Business Process. Plz send me all the details of GAP Analysis Document and its related examples. Regards, Ashok Mail ID:

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After creating invoice that accounting document not generated also system want allow to send output to customer how can we configure?

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What are the requirement you have gathered from your client and what type of business process your client had?

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How many tickets you have solved till date? can you please elaborate it with solutions?


Can we assign many credit control area to one company code?

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Recently i am faced an interview. Interviewer asked me " can you explain Third party configuration ? plz tell me thanks in advance

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while creating order which will activate first availability check or credit management?Plz help me frnds

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HP SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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