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HP SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is meant by line item?

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What tools do we use in documentation in BBP phase?What are the steps in documentation?


which screen support consultant uses in support project?


Which tool used in SAP Implementation

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Which Tool do u use in Testing?

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Give me examples of low priority tickets?

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what is the difference between cash sale and rush order? And which scenario we are using cash sale and rush order?

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What is formula in pricing ?

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what is SIS(sales information systems), Why it is used ? How it is configure ?

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What is item category and functions of item category ? What is item category group and function of item cate grp ? and what is a difference betwn this 2 ?

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what is the difference between normal business process and sap sd business process? please give me reply experts.

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for example we will take hindustan unilever is the implementation project.what is the business process of the hindustan unilever ltd and what are the settings will be done in enterprise structure and how many sales areas,distribution channels,divisions are created and please tell me what is the business process u have done in sap sd implementation project what are steps of business process you are fallowing. experts please give me answers.this problem i will face two are three times in interview please give answers urgently.thanks for u r respond.

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In sales order I want text? What are the settings we can do?

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What is the difference between the user exits and enhancements?

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what is role of sd consultant in ale idocs?

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Post New HP SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

HP SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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