f(char *p)
p=(char *)malloc(sizeof(6));
char *p="BYE";
what is the output?

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Answer / prasad

it prints BYE on screen!!!

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Answer / hussain reddy


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Answer / deepa


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Answer / vijay

The out put is "BYE".
Because the pointer p dies when function exit with out
return,in main pointer p points to only "BYE",so prinf
prints which p points in main.

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Answer / smirnov_amm

It will show "HELL"
the f function reserve only 4 bytes with the sizeof(6). it will return the sizeof (int) =4 bytes.
So you only allocate 4 bytes.
When performing the strcpy, you will corupt memory because you'll copy more than allocate.


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Answer / yathish m yadav

the output is "hello".
here we are overwriting pointer *p thrice.
that is in the function we get an piece of memory from
malloc and assigned to p,
in the statement strcpy(p,"hello");
the malloc memory is lost and the compiler creates an char
array and copies the string "hello" and it makes the
character array as constant.

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Answer / deepa

the outpu is hello coz the pointer is pointing to a
location where the string "bye" is written in the next
program yu are using the same pointer to point to some
other string so it gets overwritten

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Answer / anu

the output wll be hello , since the argument is overwritten
with new memory in the function.

so in main, when it comes to printf, p points to the
allocatd memory, which contains hello

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Answer / shruti

The output would be "HELLO"..

though we are not returning the string, we are making
direct changes at the memory location..

so "bye" will be overwritten with "HELLO"

because we are using pointers, the dying pointer scenario
is not applicabe here..

Its a pointer, not a variable..

This function will work similar to -> swapping two numbers
using pointers..
juss check that prog if you fnd somewhere.. :-)
you will get the logic... :-)


--By the way a gud ques.. :-)

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