What is INBOUND and OUT BOUND? (Different types of

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Answer / manoj

If the data is to be uploaded from any legacy system to
Oracle apps the interface is called inbound.
If any data is supposed to be send from erp to any other
system is called outbound..

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Answer / swats

Inbound Interfaces
Loading data from external source to Oracle

Outbound Interfaces
Extracting data from Oracle Apps and
sending the data.

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Answer / phani kumar

In inbound interface load the data into base tables
In outbound interface extract the data from the base tables

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Answer / udayachandrakumar

Inbound : It is an interface, in which the data flows from
an external system to the local system.

Outbound : It is an interface, in which the data flows from
a local system to a remote system.

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Answer / vidhya shankar

Inbound InterFace:
The one which allows data to get into oracle application
from outside is called inbound interface.

OutBound Interface:
The one which allows data to get data from oracle
applications to other systems is called outbound interface.

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Answer / usha

Inbound Interface: The Data that is being brought in to
oracle application from markets
Eg: Purchase Requisitions (From Market-->Oracle)

Out Bound Interface: The data that is being sent to markets
from oracle application.
Eg: Purchase Order(From Oracle-->Market)

Here Markets are nothing but legacy systems which are
running with different software

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Answer / sudheer

client give us flat file means legacy system
data(sap,java,text file,csv etc).
using inbound interface we have to load(with validations)
these flat file data into oracle base tables.
outbound interface means transfer the data from base tables
to text files

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Answer / sivaraja

We are scheduling program we can send the data from
legacy system to Oracle applications

we can send the data from Oracle application to
legacy system.

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Answer / kiran,zensar technologies

Inbound Interface:
For inbound interfaces, where these products are
the destination, interface tables as well as supporting
validation, processing, and maintenance programs are
Outbound Interface:
For outbound interfaces, where these products are
the source, database views are provided and the destination
application should provide the validation, processing, and
maintenance programs

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Answer / raghu

this concepts from utl_file (packages)
In bound means u can send or insert the data of fat file(it is stored in system) into database tables.
Out bound means u can retrieve or copy the database tables data into system files data i.e fat files.

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