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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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density of crush sand & crush stone or grit powder


how to conversation of all construction material in to brass

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What is the Laplenth for Reinforcement for Verticl and horizontal Structures as per IS code?

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How to calculate the length of chairs provided to support the top rebar in concrete foundation

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what do you calaculate PCC/GRADE 10

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what are the tests conducted on cement,aggregate and concrete?briefly explain that tests procedure and limits adopted for safety side.

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how to frame the sentence in voucher pad ? Description : 1.Food Expenses during site visit 2.Stamp Paper approval expenses 3.Travelling expenses 4. sweet distribution


how to calculate the strength rebound hammer test if average reading of 50.6,50.2,49.1,50.5,50.8,51.7 in grade M-60

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Pl. enlighten whether M20 grade RMC is suitable for columns & beams for 5 storied residential building

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which tests for concrete pouring period at the site?

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How to calculate numbers of carpenter, fitter, mason, unskilled worker on the basis of built up area or floor plat area of building?

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What is meant by Rolling Margin? & which material will effect in this ?

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1 cu.m contain how many hollow & solid bricks?

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200sq.ft of slab and thickness is 6" in that how much cement are required(bags), sand & aggregates are in cu.m, choose grade of concrete is m20.

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how much grade of concrete can be used for different structural element such as slab,beam,column,footing & plinth beams? and type of cement can be used in construction work & also types of cemnt grades

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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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