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L&T SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what is check statement

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What is the difference between LSMW and CATT?

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if i want to insert 10 laks MM records and for inserting one record it takes 1 min by using call transaction or session method . so here is there any alternative

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loop at itab. select matnr from mara into table itab upto 10 rows. endloop. will it work?

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what is the main difference between lsmw and bdc ? in which situation we will go for lsmw instead of bdc?

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How to find out the no of implementations done for a badi

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what is search help exit ? can any body explain briefly

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Folder types in smatforms?

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Folder types in smatforms? 2)What is Command line?


What do you like best about working for, in this company?

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how to add a field to existing TMG with out deleting that TMG. tmg over riding techinique.

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L&T SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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