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L&T SAS Interview Questions
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Name statements that function at both compile and execution time.

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What is proc sql pass through facility?

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i have a macro variable var1,var2. i want titles for the each macro variable separately? how it is possible?

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i have a dataset with 100 obs i want to generate title from 20th obs onwards with total observations. that should contain 100 obs.dont use firstobs and dnt split the data. use dataset block or proc report? how can we genarate;


i have a dataset with 100000 records. i want 100 records from that dataset and create a dataset.we need to pick the observations random order like 100obs,500obs,1020obs,1890obs,2565obs like that i need 100 obs in random order? how can we create this one?

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what is hash files in sas and why we are using this one in sas?


i have a null dataset with 20 variables. i want to upload the variables which contain name like a or k or anything in another can we create the dataset?

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what is option year cuttoff in sas

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what is cummaltive frequency,and varience in proc unviarte

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here is a string like chq.2312244%4452- from that i want only special characters in a column. dont use compress. bcoz i have 1.2 billion of records.i want another process to find the values instant from the data.

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what is the use of LRECL option.

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Where do the database management systems store data and how do u import them.

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What is the size of PDV?

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L&T SAS Interview Questions

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