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L&T Cognos Interview Questions
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How to connect three fact tables?

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----------------Diff b/w Dimensional modeling and Relational modeling?

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I have the below IBM COGNOS 8 Certification latest Dumps: COG-112: IBM Cognos 8 BI Author COG-122: IBM Cognos 8 BI Administrator COG-125: IBM Cognos 8 BI Data Warehouse Developer COG-132: IBM Cognos 8 BI Metadata Model Developer COG-135: IBM Cognos 8 BI OLAP Developer COG-145: IBM Cognos 8 BI Multidimensional Author COG-180: IBM Cognos 8 BI Professional Recently new questions also have been updated in this Dump. If interested,mail me on with Exam Code and Exam name

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Which one is better among Value and select & search prompts,in terms of performance?

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I have Date,product,Quantity_Sold columns and I want Product, MTD(month Till date),YTD(Year Till Date) as output. Can anyone help me with the logic in getting MTD i.e quantity sold from 1st of this month to till date (i.e. 01- 11-2013 to 26-11-2013) and YTD i.e QTD sold from 1st date of the year to till date(i.e. 01-01-2013 to 26-11-2013). Sample output model: Product MTD YTD

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L&T Cognos Interview Questions

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