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L&T Instrumentation Interview Questions
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please send me hpcl placement papers

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Paper Details: company -- Hindustan Copper Limited post -- GET 2008 Date -- 03.08.2008 Dept.-- Electronics?Instrumentation Aptitude -- 70 Technical-- 80 Total Time -- 2hr 30min I have listed the question I could able to remember 1. BCD equivalent of 43 2. value of K for stability of a system from a given equation 3. transformer connection for darlington connection 4. damping of balastic galvanometer 5. advantage of chart-pen recorder over CRo 6. CRO - how to change bandwidth 7. questions on CRO construction 8. reverse saturation current of si diode 9. advantage of wire wound resistance over carbon resistance 10. core material for a small coil 11. max fanout-- TTL/ECL/CMOS/MOS 12. component of resistance of monolithic IC 13. functions of capacitors in multivibrators 14. to change a sawtooth signal into a square wave we use-- schmit trigger/ schottkey diode/ zener diode 15. relation b/w á & â in transistor ckt 16. function of SiO2 layer in fabrication 17. 3 questions on ODD MAN OUT

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what happens when the profibus fails while in operation (operation of a valve)?

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Difine flashing , Cavitaion & Noise? how to minimize these effects

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How is plc installing done

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tell me about the instrumentation,what is the actual need of it ?what are the characteristics of a IC engineer ?

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any body tell me ,contol valve has how many cheractristic? explain it.

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what is the difference between PLC & DCS

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In Increasing temperature why thermocouple used and RTD is not used. Both RTD and Thermocouple have in Range of uses.

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what's the minimum level required of SIL (safety integrity level)to use fire and gas system?

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What is trim material . Why it is known as trim.

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what is the different between plc and dcs ? I know full name of this two but I want to know what structure and working style and speed I/O capacity and controller difference?

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how we can calibrate an Interface level transmitter online

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Which is your favourite subject & explain any one topic of it.


Which topics are covered in Process Control?


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L&T Instrumentation Interview Questions

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