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L&T Puzzles Interview Questions
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Three friends divided some bullets equally. After all of them shot 4 bullets the total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division. Find the original number divided.

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if 12+22=24 23+8=6 32+13=40 73+16=144 then 36+2=? explain

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A thief steals half the total no of loaves of bread plus 1/2 loaf from a bakery. A second thief steals half the remaining no of loaves plus 1/2 loaf and so on. After the 5th thief has stolen there are no more loaves left in the bakery. What was the total no of loaves did the bakery have at the beginning

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You have 8 marbles. 7 marbles weigh 1 ounce each, & one marble weighs 1.5 ounces. You are unable to determine which is the heavier marble by looking at them. You have a weighing scale that consists of 2 pans, but the scale is only good for 2 total weighings. How can you determine which marble is the heaviest one using the scale & in 2 weighings?

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L&T Puzzles Interview Questions

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