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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How much steel required for 1000 sq ft slab 4" thickness.

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how to calculate unit weight cement ,water ,steel

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what is the types of door's wood?


what are the differences between shear wall and column

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What is the FE 250 structural steel of 8mm tk plate testing sample intervals with IS code or international code?


steel which is used for reinforcement and structures why they are directly used why GALVANISATION or PRIMER is not done to prevent from corrosion

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Why silt content not allowed more than 6% for Sand ?

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How do you finishing structure....any one structure ....


How to find the cement, sand, Aggregate, for m20, m25 grade of concrete..?

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How much standard bricks required for a wall of 9*1200*1200 inches

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Which is economical... A column of size 9"*9" Using M20 Or a column of Size 9"*12" Using M15

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How to calcuate the quantity of cement,sand for plastering 1:4 12mm thick?

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What is thickness of RC hume pipes of size, 300mm, 450mm,600mm

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In earth work 1300 cum soil how to calculate how many liters require in water


How much stirrups spacing required for.column reinforcement?

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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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