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L&T SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is difference between transport and task?

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For cash sale how will availability check be done?

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Do u have any link for customer master and credit management?

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what is difference between SD account key and FI account key?

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what do u mean by accruels?

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what is the purpose of sales document type?

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Quotation has been created for product-D, 10 quantities, sales order is created with reference to the quotation, system copies 10 quantities in sales order. How do you restrict in sales order end user should not change quantities, system should not allow for changes by en user?

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hi this is jayeshbabu (sap sd) i have give an interview with l&t infotech they asked ,e about 1) wht u have done in cutover activity? 2)where is the help desk? 3)one complex ticket where u had to put ur thinking caps on? 4)in which scenario v go for different pricing procedure at orders and billing? plz do answer this i would be very thankful to u in advance

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wht tool did u use in unit testing?and plz give me some important fields in it?how does it look lke?

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How we maintain one material at atime for two company codes?

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Can we give the group condition for different material belongs to different plants orr shipping points?

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My client requirement is he want horizan period in days format.but satandard sap systesm It's in months format(greay mode). how can we change months to days?

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Can you do account determination without account keys? And explain how?

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If you generate bill more than credit limit then what will hyappen?

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can explain different types of invoice ?

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L&T SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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