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L&T SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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1. How will you create a Loss of Pay Absence? 2. What are the different schema's you have changed and how did you do that? 3. What kind of different reports you have been customized in your project?

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Wht is in-period n for-period?

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1)activation key for PA and Recruitment 2)counting class 3)RHINTE00,01,02,03 4)support tickets in Hr 5)standard dynamic action? 6)personnel action and infogroups? 7)absence valuation? 8)OM objects and relation? og unit and position to cost center 9)number ranger. internal and external. 10)QUOMO feature,and what are features?

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what is the difference between org structure and enterprise structure. both look the same as we create emp grps and emp sub grps in enterprise structure and in org structure we create units which are almost same.. so can somebody give detailed info abt the difference between both.

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Difference between hr_infotype_operation and hr_maintain_masterdata


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L&T SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions

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