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L&T JCL Interview Questions
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i have five step in forth step is gdg.gdg was abend.when will job complete,hoe to handle you

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i have 1000 records in input file and i want to sort it and the first 200 records to be placed in output file. how to do that??

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Can we use COND=EVEN on a job card, when jobs are scheduled through scheduler?

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Can we use COND=EVEN on a job card, when jobs are scheduled through scheduler?

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My JCL have five steps & I created new versions of GDG in first step through fourth step & fifth step I was refered Step one GDG version. My JCL got abend at 4th step and how I can restart my JCL Please let me know the answers. //STEP1 EXEC GDG1(+1) DISP=(NEW) //STEP2 EXEC GDG1(+2) DISP=(NEW) //STEP3 EXEC GDG1(+3) DISP=(NEW) //STEP4 EXEC GDG1(+4) DISP=(NEW) //STEP5 EXEC GDG1(+1) DISP=(OLD)

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wht r different types of sorts ?

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wht is step lib n job lib ? where can we code joblib n steplib ?

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wht is sysudump n sysout,sysprint ?

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wht do u mean by notify parameter, how can u give acess to multiple users ?

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1) max no of steps with jcl job can execute 2) how many extentions r possible in sequencial files with job 3) what is set parameter will do 4)how to get syntax errors without sub 5) what is differ between error and abend 6) hw mvs knows who submitted the job and whoom it has to forward 7) what are the positinal parameters of data descripter

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i have a jcl containing header body and trailer .in header i have viswa body 2 6 1 9 7 trailer reddy .now i need to sort only body in either asecending or descending order how can i do it

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can we modify the code in copy book? if it possible how to submit ofter the modification.

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How to identify in JCL that an input file is empty without reading it?

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L&T JCL Interview Questions

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