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L&T Data Warehouse General Interview Questions
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hi i have 2 users and 4 reports in dashboard.i have to give rights 2 reports for every users. is it possible give the rights in dashboard.if yes plz let me know how is it possible . thanks in advacne for appreciation. bye rohit


Hi Guys, I have been to L& T last week ..Please find the questions mentioned below 1)Slowly changing dimension types 2)DML statement 3)DDL statement 4)write a syntax to create database 5) differences between count(*) and count(column) 6) differences between union and union all 7) what is decode 8) what is NVL 9) Arrange the values in ascending order 10,5,20,15,null 10)Primary and surrogate key 11)what is group by clause does? 12)what is difference between truncate and delete 13)what is difference between OLAP and OLTP ? 14)Architecture of Datawarehouse 15)how do you test the data validation from source as (flat file and xml) to staging tables. 16)what is shedule and time bound the mentioned above question asked in two rounds.all the best

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L&T Data Warehouse General Interview Questions

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