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L&T SAP Basis Interview Questions
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what is different between SQL AND BRTOOLS in sap?

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If you are DEPLOY and UNDEPLOY java patch through SDM so why you need JSPM?

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in oracle script @? "?" question mark means what it indicate?


if there are 3 clients in quality(100,200,300) and only two clients in production(100,200) , how many clients will be there after system Refresh ?

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What is JVM switch. Why JVM switch is required ?


What is VMC and what is the use of it ?

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What is JSMON ? difference between jcmon and JSMON ?

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why do we use cleanipc command before starting the SAP System ?

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What is the T code to start the livecache ? how to start the live cache if you could not able to login to the SAP System ?

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How to resolve lock overflow issue . with out restarting the production system ?

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what is sap hostagent ? difference between sap host agent and saposcol ?

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there are 3 clients in quality(100,200,300) and two clients in production(100,300) ? how do you restore the 200 client after refresh ? what are pre steps need to be taken before system refresh in order to restore 200 client ?

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how many printers are there in the land scape

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L&T SAP Basis Interview Questions

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