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L&T QTP Interview Questions
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How to execute the WR Script through QTP? I have WinRunner script with initialization script, common scripts, GUI AND functions. I connected WR through QTP with "call to WinRunner" option but I am getting problem after connecting to WinRunner i.e. showing "Do you want to quit now" with 'yes' and 'No' message box


1)what is the quality process in QTP? 2)how to add the .tsr file in qtp through scripting?

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We stored into the objects OR and then write the scripting


how can we do the frame work in qtp


how to get font size of a "WebEdit"

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What will be the test script in QTP to test a ComboBox where a user has to select more than two items????

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Suppose u run ur script today and it is working fine ,nobody has changed the setting and all.u r the owner for the script. But when tomorrow I ran the same script again it got failed and It didn't able to identify one object. Can you tell me what would be the reason for this

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What are the three challenges U faced during automation testing of your application.

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When can shared object repository fails?

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What does mean by Scope of Automation?n How we defined it?


what is impact analysis on regression testing?


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L&T QTP Interview Questions

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