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L&T C Interview Questions
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what is the advantage of function pointer

16 59701 do you write a function that takes a variable number of arguments? What is the prototype of printf () function? 10.How do you access command-line arguments? 11.what does ‘#include’ mean? 12.what is the difference between #include<> and #include”…”? 13.what are # pragma staments? 14.what is the most appropriate way to write a multi-statement macro?

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will u give me old quesrion papers for aptitude for L & t info tech?

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What is meant by global static? why we have to use static variable instead of Global variable

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can anyone please tell me wat is backlogs... i was looking for the job openings where i read this.. eligibility criteria minimum 70% in degree without backlogs. is that arrear.. if so is it standing arrear or history of arrears... please help me...

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write a program of palindrome(madam=madam) using pointer?

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What is the difference between macros and inline functions?

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How we can set and clear bit in a byte using macro function?

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what is associativity explain what is the precidence for * and & , * and ++ how the folloing declaration work 1) *&p; 2) *p++;


what is associativity explain what is the precidence for * and & , * and ++ how the folloing declaration work 1) *&p; 2) *p++;


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L&T C Interview Questions

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