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Tell me about the various movement types and usage.

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Tell me about the various movement types and usage...

Answer / radhika jadhav

You can see in T code OMJJ you will get a better idea
Movement types are defined in order to track the movement
of Inventory in Material Management.
A classification key indicating the type of material
movement (for
example, goods receipt, goods issue, physical stock

The movement type enables the system to find out what are
the predefined posting rules
Determining how the accounts of the financial accounting
system (stock
and consumption accounts) are to be posted and how the
stock fields in
the material master record are to be updated.

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Tell me about the various movement types and usage...

Answer / dipankar

Use OMJJ to see the movement types.
Some of the used movement types are as follows:
101 GR goods receipt
102 Reversal of GR
103 GR into blocked stck
104 Rev. GR to blocked
105 GR from blocked stck
106 Rev.GR from blocked
121 GR subseq. adjustm.

122 RE return to vendor
123 RE rtrn vendor rev.
124 GR rtrn blocked stck
125 GR rtn blkd stck rev
131 Goods receipt
132 Goods receipt
141 GR G subseq. adjustm
142 GR G subseq. adjustm
161 GR returns
162 GR rtrns reversal
201 GI for cost center
202 RE for cost center
221 GI for project
222 RE for project
231 GI for sales order
232 RE for sales order
241 GI for asset
242 RE for asset
251 GI for sales
252 RE for sales
261 GI for order
262 RE for order
281 GI for network
282 RE for network
291 GI all acc. assigmts
292 RE all acct assigmts
301 TF plnt.
302 TR plnt.
303 TF pl
304 TR pl
305 TF pl.
306 TR pl.
309 TF mat
310 TR mat
311 TF tfr. within plant
312 TR transfer in plant
313 TF
314 TR
315 TF SLoc
316 TR stor.inSLoc
317 Create struct. mat.
318 RE create struc. mat
319 Split structured mat
320 RE split struct.mat.
321 TF quality to unrest
322 TR quality to unrest
323 TF quality in plant
324 TR quality in plant
325 TF blocked in plant
326 TR blocked in plant
331 GI to sampling QI
332 RE to sampling QI
333 GI to sampling unre.
334 RE to sampling unre.
335 GI to sampl. blocked
336 RE to sampling blkd
340 TF bch revaluation
341 TF restr.
342 TF unr. to rstricted
343 TF blocked to unre.
344 TR blocked to unre.
349 TF blocked to qual.
350 TR blocked to qual.
351 TF to stck in trans.
352 TR to stck in trans.
401 TP own from sls.ord.
402 TP own to sales ord.
403 TP own from consgt.
404 TP own to consgt.
405 TP own from project
406 TP own to project
411 TP own to own
412 Reversal own to own
413 TP SLoc to sls order
414 Rev. SLoc to sls ord
415 TP SLoc to project
416 Rev. SLoc to proj.
441 TP tiedEmp
442 TP unrstr
451 GI returns
452 RE returns (rev.)
453 TP returns to own
454 TP own to returns
455 TF st.tfr. returns
456 TR St.tfr. returns
457 TP own QIS
458 TP Own QIS to ret.
459 TP own blckd
460 TP Own blckt to ret.
501 GI receipt w/o PO
502 RE receipt w/o PO
503 GI receipt to qual.
504 RE receipt to qual.
505 GI receipt to blockd
506 RE receipt to blockd
511 GI deliv. w/o charge
512 RE deliv. w/o charge
521 GI receipt w/o PrOrd
522 RE receipt w/o PrOrd
523 GI quality w/o PrOrd
524 RE quality w/o PrOrd
525 GI blkd w/o prod.or.
526 RE blocked w/o PrOrd
531 GI by-product
532 RE by-product
533 GI by-product
534 RE by-product
535 GR by-prod. sls.ord.
536 GR by-prod. sls.ord.
541 GI whse to subc.stck
542 RE subctrStck toWhse
543 GI issue
544 GI receipt
545 GI rcpt SC by-prod.
546 GI issue SC by-prod.
551 GI scrapping
552 RE scrapping
553 GI scrapping QI
554 RE scrapping QI
555 GI scrapping blocked
556 RE scrapping blocked
557 GI adjust. transit
558 GI adjust. transit
561 GI entry of st. bals
562 RE entry of st.bals.
563 GI EntrStBals: QI
564 RE EntrStBals: QI
565 GI EntrStBals: blckd
566 RE EntrStBals: blckd
571 GI receipt assembly
572 RE receipt assembly
573 GI rcpt QI assembly
574 RE rcpt QI assembly
575 GI rcpt blkd assmbly
576 RE rcpt blkd assmbly
581 GI by-prod. network
582 RE by-prod. network
601 GD goods issue:delvy
602 RE goods deliv. rev.
603 TF pl
604 TR pl
605 TF pl.
606 TR pl.
621 GI ret.pack.:lending
622 GI ret.pack:ret.del.
623 GI iss:cust.ret.pack
624 GI
631 GI consgmt: lending
632 GI consgmt:ret.delvy
633 GI iss: cust.consgmt
634 GI rcpt:cust.consgmt
635 TF consgmt lending
636 TR consgmt ret. del.
641 TF to stck in trans.
642 TR to stck in trans.
643 TF to cross company
644 TR to cross company
645 TF cross company
646 TR cross company
647 TF to stck in trans.
648 TR to stck in trans.
651 GD ret.del. returns
652 GD ret.del. retn rev
653 GD returns unrestr.
654 GD returns unr. rev.
655 GD returns QI
656 GD returns QI rev.
657 GD returns blocked
658 GD returns blk. rev.
661 GI returns to vendor
662 RE ret. to vdr revrs
671 TR to stck in trans.
672 TF to stck in trans.
673 TF to cross company
674 TR to cross company
675 TR cross company
676 TF cross company
677 TR to stck in trans.
678 TF to stck in trans.
6A1 TF GI1
6A2 TR GI1
6A7 TF GI1
6A8 TR GI1
6B1 TF GI2
6B2 TR GI2
6B7 TF GI2
6B8 TR GI2
6K5 TF GI2 consi
6K6 TR GI2 consi
6W5 TF GI1 consi
6W6 TR GI1 consi
701 GR phys.inv.: whse
702 GI phys.inv.: whse
703 GR phys.inv: QI
704 GI phys.inv: QI
707 GR phys.inv.:blocked
708 GI phys.inv.:blocked
711 GI InvDiff.:whouse
712 GR InvDiff.:wrhouse
713 GI InvDiff: QI
714 GR InvDiff: QI
715 GI InvDiff.:returns
716 GR InvDiff.:returns
717 GI InvDiff.: blocked
718 GR InvDiff.: blocked
721 SlsVal.rec.n.afftMgs
722 SlsVal.iss.n.afftMgs
731 SlsVal.rec. afftgMgs
732 SlsVal.iss. afftgMgs
801 GR adv. inv. + tax
802 RGR ad. inv. + tax
805 GR bl. AI w. tax
806 RGR bl. AI w. tax
811 GR TP dely w. tax
812 RGR TP dely w tax
815 GR B TP dely w. tax
816 RGR B TP dely w. tax
821 GR val. VS w. tax
822 RGR val. VS w. tax
825 GR B val. VS w. tax
826 RGR B val. VS w. tax
833 Reval. iss. w. tax
834 R reval. iss. w tax
835 Reval. rec. w. tax
836 R reval. rec. w tax
841 GR RTP
843 GR RTP w. tax
844 RGR RTP w. tax
863 GI TF SD/MM return
864 GR TF SD/MM return
901 GI internal
922 RE return to vendor

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