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what are the procedures of sap fi integration with sd

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what are the procedures of sap fi integration with sd..

Answer / ramu naidu

Determine the pricing procedure and tax condition types
such as PR00-Pricing,MWST--Output tax.

Determine partner functions such as SP,SH,PY,BP

Define tax determination rules i.e Exampted or Laible

Assign GL accounts in Revenue account dtermination such as

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what are the procedures of sap fi integration with sd..

Answer / m hari babu

ccount Determination is an important integration between SD & FICO modules. whenever a sale takes place, the system automatically posts the various prices and discounts and freights to the respective GL accounts through the account keys.

The account key is assigned to the respective GL account. Also in the pricing procedure we have a column called as account key(second last column). There we assign the account key. For eg., in Std SAP for basic price we have acct key ERL, for discounts ERS, for Output tax MWS, for freight ERF, etc. These account keys are basically defined by the FICO consultant and then the SD consultant assigns the respective account keys against the respective condition type in the pricing procedure.

The customer group is nothing but the grouping of various customers like wholesaler, retailer, subsidairies, etc. This is basically useful while maintaining pricing like for X group basic price is 10Rs, for Y group it is 15Rs. like that. Similarly material group is a grouping of materials like Ball pens, ink pens, gell pens, etc.

When you create the condition table and select these fields and save it and when you assign this table to your access sequence, the system searches for the condition record according to this key combination. For that you have to maintain the condition record in VK11.

Now you are done with pricing. you create the sales order. delivery and invoice. Now for the system to generate an accounting document when you save the invoice in VF01 you have to maintain the account determination correctly otherwise the system will give an error - "error in account determination."

For doing account determination you have to go to :
IMG-sales & distribution-basic functions-account assignmentcosting-revenue account determination.

In this you first have to maintain the customer account assignment group and material account assignment group. This group for the customer means for which customer whether domestic or foreign etc. For material whether finished, semi finished, raw material, etc. You can also maintain as per name of the division.

This account assignment group you have to assign in customer master as well as material master. In customer master (XD01) -sales area data- billing you have customer acct asst group, make an entry here. In material master (MM01)-sales:sales org.2 you have account asst group, make a proper entry here also.

Note: Regarding condition types KOFI & KOFK
KOFK: KOFK is used when ever we are posting the document where a cost is involved that can be checked via the Requirment class in the Sales order in the Procurment step. In the requirements class there is "E" in account assignment category & hence you have to use KOFK.

KOFI: If there is no "E" in the account assignment category then use KOFI.

Now in the above IMG path only you have access sequence, condition type, procedure. maintain everything and assign properly the procedure to the billing document type.

Define the account keys & assign them properly in the pricing procedure.

Now go to transaction code VKOA. You will see 5 tables. first is customer group/material group/acct key. When you double click on this it will show as following:
Application, condition type, chart of accounts, sales org., customer acct asst group, material acct asst group, acct key, G/L acct, provision acct. depending upon your customer type and material type you have to maintain all the columns and the respective G/L accounts. The first table is for more specific assignments & the other tables are for general assignments.

Now whenever you make a sales order, delivery and invoice and when you save the incoice the system will automatically post the price, discount, tax, freight to the respective G/L accounts. This will make an accounting document which will show the exact value of price, discount, tax, freight for that particular transaction.

Apart from this when you do PGI in the delivery the system updates various G/L accounts related to inventory.

Also as far as profitability analysis is concerned it is an important integration between SD & FICO basically known as "profitability analysis - CO-PA".
I hope I have answered your Query. Please reward valuable points if solution found useful.

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