How many rediobutton groups can be there in a module pool
program and in a report?

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How many rediobutton groups can be there in a module pool program and in a report?..

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How many rediobutton groups can be there in a module pool program and in a report?..

Answer / laxmi_nv


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Hi all, For the past 1 year, I have been trying for job in SAP as a fresher, but no calls,no interviews.I know showing fake experience is unethical, but i dont have any alternative.After showing fake experience now iam getting calls,but still i feel guilty.Friends i have some questions. 1. If suppose i tell the truth in interview that i have shown fake experience,what would be the interviewer's reaction? Will accepting the fake go negative against me? 2.Whether i should accept the fake in technical round itself? (or) Maintain the fake,prove myself strong in technical round &then accept the fake in HR round? 3.Some of my friends(who have shown fake and well settled in MNC's ) are telling that during interview u should never accept as fake i.e., u should act confidently as a real experienced guy.Even if the interviewer come to know that u r a fake guy, but seeing ur confidence level ,he/she will select u ? Is it true? Friends, particularly interviewer's , HR's please give me ur valuabe solutions.Other's suggestions are also welcome.

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