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BPCL Bharat Petroleum Interview Questions
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How many rediobutton groups can be there in a module pool program and in a report?

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what is Metering theory?

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The largest coal producing State in India is: (a) Jharkhand (b) UP (c) West Bengal (d) Tamilnadu

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In the human body, the most abundant element is (A) Carbon (B) Calcium (C) Nitrogen (D) Oxygen

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How many articles and schedules did the Indian Constitution contain when it was originally passed? (a) 395 Articles and 8 Schedules (b) 397 Articles and 9 Schedules (c) 398 Articles and 10 Schedules (d) 396 Articles and 9 Schedules

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President is the head of ?

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How do you select a cable size(Cu&Al) for a particular load

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Respected sir please send placement paper of bpcl


can any one tell me that how shoul i prepere for entrance exams of psu i mean from which book i have to gone through?

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it is possible that the air dissolves in any solvent?

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All industrial (power plant, sugar. Cement etc...) chimneys are circular in shape rather than any other shapes... Y..?

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please send general aptitude questions with their answers


sir plz send me BPCL recruitment(Engineering Trainee Electronics & Communication) sample question papers & Topics as early as possible


Question papers of bpcl

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what are the types of electromagnetic forces developed in practical transformer?


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