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ACS Interview Questions
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What is the abbreviation of SMILE

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I am looking for the information in detail about archiving object "CATPROACH"?(SAP R/3 Data Archiving) I am thankful sharing the available information with me and expecting prompt reply


What is the diffrence between BUILD & RELEASE ?

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What is the default interval for SAP updates? A.) 60 seconds B.) 15 seconds C.) 30 seconds D.) 120 seconds

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When we are going for Automation?

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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 2

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What is Normalization ?

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What is the difference between a Physical File & a Logical?

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What is the diff bet Message box and Dialog box,anybody can answer it.... Thanks in advance

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Wht are the Test cases do we write for Message Box.. can anybody answer it.. Thanks in Advance..

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Wht are the Test cases do we write for Dialog box.. can anybody answer it.. Thanks in advance

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In the Testing, How do we find the Duplicate Defects. In the case of testing is going on On-site r off-shore..some times on site and off-shore people may enter defects at the same time..those may include duplicate defects. how we have to find those defects..

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how many web.config files are there in 1 project.we can overwrite the web.config files

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Can u explain about QTP framework

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plz tell how to test this: We have to change the password of password field the condition is:The password will expiry after 30 days and that should not allow last 12 similar passwords....

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ACS Interview Questions

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