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what is transfer order?

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / ajay veeranki

Transfer Order:

An instruction to move materials from a source storage bin
to a destination storage bin in a warehouse complex at a
specified time.

A transfer order consists of items that contain the
quantity of the material to move and specifies the source
and destination storage bins.

A transfer order can be created based on a customer
delivery, a transfer requirement, or a posting change

Source and destination storage bins can be in different

This is the term of Warehouse Management (LE-WM)and linked
into SD Module, where clients business run through Warehouse

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / parthiban

instruction to move the material from source storage bin to
destination storage bin with in the warehouse complex.
It contains Material No, Material Quantity, source and
Destination storage bin.

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / sundar

before going for picking the goods you need to create a
transfer order which contain the list of goods to be
picked.this is a transfer order.

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / yogesh

it is a document which use to transfor goods from storage
to picking area

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / suresh

transfor order is use for picking the meterial from

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / megha shyam sharma.t

The process for placing goods in the warehouse is as follows..
the goods are received into the interim storage area for goods receipt(from production).A transfer order is then created in warehouse management to move the goods into the warehouse.This tells the warehouse staff where to put the stock.when the stock is put in to the warehouse in correct place the transfer order is confirmed,which tells sap that the goods have been moved out of the storage area(i.e.the loading and unloading area)into the ware house.


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what is transfer order?..

Answer / mohit rohatgi

TRANSFER ORDER is a document used in the Warehouse Management system that contains all the information needed to carry out the physical movement of material into the warehouse, out of the warehouse or from one storage bin to another(from source storage bin to destination storage bin) within the warehouse.

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / sonny porto

Transfer Order is one form of document, as reference for
warehouse or production material/item for picking.

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / satish kaushik

An order of placement of aperson or thing from one place to
another place as per the will of maker.

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what is transfer order?..

Answer / anil


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