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  • FCS interview questions (12)

FCS Interview Questions
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what due you know about BPO.

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What is the sequence the Report triggers will fires while running a report ?

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1)can anyone explain how to use Normalizer transformation for the following scenario Source table | Target Table | Std_name ENG MAT ART | Subject Ramesh Himesh Mahesh Ramesh 68 82 78 | ENG 68 73 81 Himesh 73 87 89 | MAT 82 87 79 Mahesh 81 79 64 | ART 78 89 64 | please explain what should be the normalizer column(s) The GCID column 2)Also please explain the Ni-or-1 rule.

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AP entry's tansfer to gl but amounts not matched? what to do? How to correct it?

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In real time project when will we use Abstract class. and what are the difference between abstract and interface.

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how to store and retrive a set of values without using an array

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what is the difference between a loop and a repeat?

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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

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System.out & are final static data member of System class but we can change there reference through setOut() & setIn() method how...

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What is a scope of a variable that declared inside the main? Is tht accessible in try & catch block?

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Where do you maintain the number range for Sales Order Type?

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How is Sales Order Type  determined while creating Sales Order?

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FCS Interview Questions
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