what is user base in sap security?

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i want to know how to list out the mass activities and mass organizational levels...

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How to restrict except "Role" remaining all (user,etc everything) under SUIM T-Code ?

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How to create secatt script in sap step by step

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how we Restrict the auth groups for table maintain, creating Auth group using SE54 to built new Auth groups to restrict tables via auth object S_TABU_DIS

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Hiiiiii ..frnds... Pls tell me.... We know that we are using 2 transport request. Customizing and work bench request.I want to know which are comes under work bench and which are comes under customising???

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How we Provided SAP Security design, configuration, and support for SAP Net Weaver systems running BI/BW 7.0 (Net Weaver 2004s)

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SU24 must be set up before implementing any roles. A. True B. False

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if user enters a tcode how the system knows what action should be done ?

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hOW many users limit in su10

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Please also send me details about CRM 5 and CRM 7 security issues and scenarios.

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Hi we are working on the one company but location are different one location we are restrict the user pass word length 8 characters another location pass word length 10 characters but client is same and also we are maintaining the one app server. Could please help on this

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In 4.7 EE, we have an option as User -> Settings -> Automatic Comparison at Save. Is it right if i say that this option checked will automatically prompt for User cpompare when we simply save the data after entering the users to the role? But whether the option is checked or not i did not get any prompt for User compare on saving the data after entering Users info in the role. My another doubt is whats the difference between User and Complete Compare options. If i dont do complete Compare, wiill that effect? Is it right if i say that User compare assigns the users to the role and Complete Compare updates the user master recoirds , i.e., User master record comparison is current.

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