what is user base in sap security?

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how can u assign firefighter ids from one firefighter admin to another firefighter admin if current admin leaves from organization without told to any body?

2 Answers   Satyam, CTS,

Hii... Any one tell me .. We are using mainly 2 T.R. 1.customizing request. 2.work bench request. Can u tell me ..which are comes under customizing request and which are work bench request

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1.What are the upgrades happened in GRC 5.3 from GRC 5.2?

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What is difference between BW and BI Security?

2 Answers   Accenture,

how to secure the customizing Tcodes in sap

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how to create new authorization object?

6 Answers   Accenture,

1)What does the Profile Generator do? 2)What is the main purpose of Parameters, Groups & Personalization tabs 3)in SU01? purpose of Miniapps in PFCG? 4)What happens to change documents when they are transported to the production system? 5)what are the issues you faced with UME? 6)what is the Ticketing tool that you are using in your organisation?and explain? 7)what do you know abt LSMW? 8)Difference b/w su22 and su24 ? 9)what is the landscape of GRC? 10)What is the difference between Template role & Derive role?

4 Answers   TCS,

What is Preventive and Detective controls in GRC AC 5.3?

2 Answers   IBM,


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What does SAP recommend regarding the RFC naming convention?

3 Answers   TCS,

how do we test security systems.what is the use of SU56

2 Answers   IBM, GE,

What is mean By Start Profile, Default Profile, Instance Profile ? What is difference between these ?

4 Answers   Patni,