what is user base in sap security?

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Hi I' m Len  Am looking for sap grc training in bangalore . Let know any  institute or any who teach

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Difference between Change Mode and Expert Mode in PFCG?

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how many composite roles can be assigned to a user ?

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What is purpose of using Pound Sign(#) and colon(;) in BI/BW security

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Give an example of SOD with object level control & also decide the Risk implication from the Technical standpoint.

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we have one parent role and we derived five roles from that and i assigned these derived roles to five users now i want to restrict 2 users for couple of T-codes and rest of the users work with those T-codes , How we can solve the problem

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I have uploaded one role(its is derived role) from quality system to development system.After that, i have generated role and tried to move production. while transporting role i am getting below error ' ROLE TYPE IS UNDETERMINED ' can any body please provide the solution?

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what is the difference between user buffer and user contex?

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how we Restrict the auth groups for table maintain, creating Auth group using SE54 to built new Auth groups to restrict tables via auth object S_TABU_DIS

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How we Creat Mass users via writing LSMW scripts.

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Give some examples for Remediation and Mitigation in RAR?

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How to assign sap_all to end user if i have approval?remember i do not have GRC.

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