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Ernst Young Interview Questions
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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Article Vacancies application starts when?

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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Procedure of application and selection? ( Resume, Cut off ? Rank, Contacts needed, Exams, Interviews, General Questions ? Personality traits, Special Knowledge etc.)

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How do you feel u contributed to its effectiveness?


In production what is the user exit?

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What are the steps in automatic account assignment config.

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What is your principles and values in life

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what is repo rate?

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR.

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Who wrote the book titled RUNS AND RUINS

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what is depreciation? what are depreciation methods? please explain those method? can any one reply urgently?

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If we miss a entry at journal can we find it in latter stage or in audit how can be find it

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Where do you see yourself after 5 Years?

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How can you add value to our Organization if offered appointment

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give the general entry for Depriciation of machinary

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i want to know about C , F, H Form & when i issue this from , what r the condition to issue this form ?

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How to Explain about BO projects in interviews?(in Banking,insurance,Manufacturing domains)


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In this problem you are to write a program that will cut some number of prime numbers from the list of prime numbers between 1 and N.Your program will read in a number N; determine the list of prime numbers between 1 and N; and print the C*2 prime numbers from the center of the list if there are an even number of prime numbers or (C*2)-1 prime numbers from the center of the list if there are an odd number of prime numbers in the list.


What is the cache hit ratio, what impact does it have on performance of an Oracle database and what is involved in tuning it?


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Ernst Young Interview Questions
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