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Ernst Young Interview Questions
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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Article Vacancies application starts when?

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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Procedure of application and selection? ( Resume, Cut off ? Rank, Contacts needed, Exams, Interviews, General Questions ? Personality traits, Special Knowledge etc.)

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How do you feel u contributed to its effectiveness?


In production what is the user exit?

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What are the steps in automatic account assignment config.

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What is your principles and values in life

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what is repo rate?

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR.

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Who wrote the book titled RUNS AND RUINS

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what is depreciation? what are depreciation methods? please explain those method? can any one reply urgently?

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If we miss a entry at journal can we find it in latter stage or in audit how can be find it

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Where do you see yourself after 5 Years?

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How can you add value to our Organization if offered appointment

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give the general entry for Depriciation of machinary

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i want to know about C , F, H Form & when i issue this from , what r the condition to issue this form ?

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